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On Its Way

2010-10-17 21:16:41 by Miniluigiman

I've finished the animating, next all I need is the voices and sfx. GET READY FOR BETTER ANIMATION.

I've been a user of Newgrounds for almost 3-4 years (including other past accounts) but it's only 'till now that I share some of my work with the community. I don't care if it becomes super popular, in fact, it was a way I thought I could stay in touch with my friends over a long distance. Make a flash series starring them and they'll feel like a part of it. Even though they didn't do diddly-squat.

I plan for this flash to become a series in which my friends and I go on a ton of wacky, retarded adventures. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated but don't go bashing on me because I'm not as good an animator as some of the others here.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy further submissions from Miniluigiman. Adieu.